Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New member of the family

I am a bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger. So many things to do and so little time. I was sick the entire month of December and into January with pneumonia then my hubby was hospitalized with it. Haven't had much mojo. So I thought I would share with you the newest member of our family...

His name is Louie. At first we thought he was a she. Don't ask me how because should be obvious right? LOL! He is the cuddliest kitty. Always wanting to be petted and cuddled. And man his purr is LOUD. Like hear him in the next room loud. So, he is in isolation right now while he recovers from ear mites and his tangle with some street cats. Our renter found him outside the house crying to get in because it was cold. She had already taken in 2 kitties along with the one she already had as well as her 2 dogs plus 1 outside. So she called all the shelters in the area but all said they were full. Then she called us. And that's how Louie came to be the newest member of our family. Our two cats are looking forward to him coming out of seclusion so they can meet him!

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